Collages 20160521

Wow it’s been a long while since I last posted something. The final weeks of this semester have been quite hectic, but here comes my new post:) In the past month or so, so many fashion events took place! Met Gala, Cannes … you name it. Hope y’all will enjoy this update.

  1. flow

2. b&w xi

3. stripe strifes

4. weekend inspirations

5. flower child xi

6. back side best side ii

7. make-up inspirations

8. oversized

9. poolside aesthetics

10. visual journey

11. Literally lit

Collages 20160326

Long time no see, friends. School has kept me busy but here’s the periodical installment of images I collected over the past month and a half. Enjoy:)

  1. Back side best side


2. b&w x

3. stripes and gingham

4. patterns and patchwork

5. furrrrry

6. shiny and briny

7. weekend style inspirations

8. color pop

9. pastel monochrome

10. food contemplations


Collages 20160214

Happy Valentines, beautiful people! Whether you are celebrating with people or not, it’s a day to appreciate and celebrate love (ok you can also be bitter about it, your choice). Here are some collages of pictures I’ve collected on the Internet in the past month❤

  1. b&w ix

2. shoes

3. street

4. intricate patterns

5. neutrals

6. monochrome

7. long live men fashion

8. it’s the little things that matter


First of all, happy new years everybody! Can’t believe the past year flew by so fast, but I’m glad that despite my heavy school work load I was able to post 2-3 times per month of my favorite images from the internet. I kinda look back on my posts as inspiration boards because I feel too grown up to cut out pretty pictures from magazines and hang them on my dorm room walls (I actually just moved to an apartment.. so yea adult life here we go). I’ll keep this going in the coming year (this is literally the only blog that I’ve been consistently posting on since high school).

1. backside best side

2. flower child x

3. all that glitter

4. patterns for days ii

5. walk in style

6. yet another installment of b&w

7. monochrome

8. all that hair


9. movie posters