Collage 20161114

Wow, it’s been a while but what can I say… senior spring puts things of for a bit. But here comes the update ūüôā

1. prints and giggles

2. a pop of red is all you need

3. lighter than a breeze


4. b&w vol ???


5. accessaries that are bigger than life

6. S!H!O!E!S!

7. skwad


8. asymmetrical

9. make back side great again

10. metallic and sheen


11. leisure wear

12. notable magazine covers this season

13. when everything originates in the art

14. selected lonely girls lingerie

Collages 20160828

  1. back side best side ii

2. flowers for days

3. pants rule

4. i want red all over

5. bare shoulders

6. sunday daze

7. silky and flowy

Collages 20160730

  1. casual sunday

2. can i have some breezy dresses with tiered ruffles on top? please and thank you

3. funky prints

4. back side best side

5. b&w vol.???

6. visual orgasm

7. just hanging out

8. ad campaign notables