Collages 20130305+More 2013 Fall/Winter!!

Finally it’s spring/MARCH!! Yayy and more fashion week stuff too (double YAYY)…


Fashion Model, Style inspiration, Fashion photography, Long hair

#2 a natural beauty

Fashion Model, Style inspiration, Fashion photography, Long hair

#3 black and white pattern is in again

hebergeur image

#4 lace winter hat–first time ever i have seen this!

hebergeur image

#5 killer jeweleries

#6 cute swimsuit

#7 staple pieces

#8 utility jacket=my next shopping item, also bonus point for feat. Liu Wen, one of my favorite models (others you probably have guessed, cara delevigne)

#9 what a dog


#10 Kenzo F/W 2013 (credits: The Sartorialist)—amazing, amazing, amazing collection, a lot of metallic tones

(Karlie!! One of my other favorites!)

(and the venue reminds me of a majestic opera house)

#11 Chanel F/W 2013–On another note, Chanel’s venue is also quite impressive, with the two-tone globe in the background that somehow manages to also look sophisticated with its futuristic shine embedded in its black color. On a side note, Chanel did something interesting with their models’ lashes. As always, Chanel is still big on tweed jackets.

#12 Christian Dior F/W 2013–again, pretty awesome venue. Somehow similar to Chanel’s, but in my opinion, not as impressive. The globe provides a cool mirror effect–not exactly a straight reflection, but at a somewhat sharp angle. I still like the futuristic-looking globe in Chanel’s show more though. Here, I picked a picture with very strong patterns (layering on top of one another too) and another with a structured leather flared dress.

#13 Rick Owens F/W 2013–I am not quite sure what they are doing, but the show looks sick and awesome!

#14 Dolce and Gabbana F/W 2013–reminds me of medieval royalties. also: mural art as a pattern? I think it’s very pretty, but just not my type.

(Karlie on the right in the first row?!)

(those shoes!!)


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