Collages 20130104

Happy New Year everyone! And now that we have survived the end of the’s another year to love someone, to be loved, and to do something good 🙂

#1 something about flowers…

#2 getting lost and falling in love

#3 again, something about human loneliness is attractive and tempting

#4 the background!! omg i love this photographer 🙂

hebergeur image

#5 personally i wouldn’t wear this, but i love love this dress (or is it even?)


#6 I am getting my hair to be like thisss SOON HOPEFULLY


#7 somehow reminds me of those evil twins in horror movies..except that this couple has more style 🙂


#8 i really like the candid-ness of this picture


#9 seriously the best men’s sweater i’ve seen so far

Bryanboy wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim resort 2013 sweater

all for now.

time for me to get rid of jet lag and go to sleeeep zzzz 😀


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