Collages 20120715

Just flew back from South Dakota. Spent a good two weeks there and stayed in Rapid City, toured the Badlands and Black Hills, and had hell of a good time at a country house in Kyle. The view from the front porch was just plain..amazing. Fields of grass rolled on for miles without end. When it’s night, millions of stars adorned the sky and I could faintly trace out the stream of white that we know as the “Milky Way”. I have no knowledge of how to map stars in the sky, so all I could do was to satisfy myself with recognizing the big dipper, which was always to the right of me and stood out among all the sparkles. We also happened to witness four shooting stars and I made four wishes for my friends and fam.

Missed my blogging though, so here is my usual sharing of pictures and brief comments on them:

2. cat. period.

3. always wanted to pair up some lace with the good old converse

4. notable dresses during the two weeks i was away. one simple reason why i absolutely fall for them: those vibrant colors. (pictures taken from easy fashion paris–another online fashion gem that y’all should check out)

hebergeur image

hebergeur image

(i also like how the following one kept her red dress simple with only an eye-catching orange belt across her waist)

hebergeur image

5. look! my fav color teal is trending 🙂

6. ~rooney mara in the girl with the dragon tattoo, anyone??

all for now. i still have pretty little liars to catch up on and some college visits tomorrow afternoon and maybe movies after. good night world!


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