Collages 20120618

Life is awesome right now. I had teenage life crisis a few hours ago but nbd. Instead of showing up at the lab, i decided to sit at a cafe and ranted/wrote about what’s going on in my life. It felt great. My first pen ran out of ink and I started anew with a second one. I spent nearly four hours, a cup of hazelnut coffee (size small, and yes I drink super slow..I eat pretty fast tho), one and maybe 1/4 pen, and fourteen pages to figure about why I feel so lost these days. And I think I did a pretty good job in figuring out some truths. I learned that I still need time to start trusting people again and that I can’t handle the weight of love..yet. When the person you trust the most and you know will love you no matter what passed away, I can only let time to untangle my confusions. Like the other day what Alan told me, when love know it’s love. I’ll be waiting alright. And the same goes with my life I guess. When I know I’m able to trust people again, I’ll know. Let future approach, I’m fully prepared. If anything, I believe in the future and the fact that I will fight for it. With that, I’ll lead the rest of my life.

Okay..serious talk is OVER. I’m checking out Justin Timberlake’s album Justified as I’m writing up this post. I think I’m beginning to understand why JT is the awesomest guy on this planet (actually I might have already thought so when I was watching JT’s I want you back video for the first time). Also I came across this street band at Harvard Square and they were sickk. They sang about being lazy and kangaroos..cuter than you think. Both sang and they had really good beats/vocal going on..wish I can find such music again soon.

So here is one find..i didnt find too much good stuff this time. oh well. gotta love the print, the bold necklace..and her flawless shoulders. loving thisss

hebergeur image



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