Collages 20120613

I’ve been YOLOing for the past week and sure I have lost track of time sometimes. The day of the week does not matter any more once I got out of school. Living by myself in Boston for the next two weeks. I’m planning to cover as many streets in this city as possible. I really like Boston–the public library reading room with its majestic marble vault above, the unexpected details that adorn the sidewalks (like the voltage box I saw the other day. It’s graffitied all over with a Boston Celtics sign in the middle, surrounded by balloons of all colors-how adorable!), the red brick buildings (aren’t they a little bit excessive? :] ), the people on the subway (a lady in denim vest and maxi floral skirt complimented on my chocolate Kate Spade bag, totally made my day)…and so much more. Two friends just crashed my place for the past two nights and its been tons of fun hanging out with them. As I’m writing up this post, I’m also checking out the tracks Ed Sheeran just released (album “+”). I’ve heard so much about him and this is the first time I actually made myself sit down and listen to the whole album. So far, Ed has impressed me with his simple guitar background and interesting lyrics. I usually don’t listen to words in songs, but Ed got me on some of his lines. Like this one: “And I know you love Shrek because we’ve watched it 12 times” in “Wake Me Up”. His “Grade 8” just topped my 2012 fav list on spotify–its beats are amazingly catchy and easy to dance to..I’m still trying to make sense of his lyrics though. Another two tracks I’ve been playing a lot recently have been Loreen’s Euphoria (try playing it loud in your headphones, the beats in the chorus and the notes leading into the chorus will BLOW YOUR MIND–Euphoria has been one of the most inspiring pieces of music I’ve listened to) and Avicii’s Silhouette (the one I’m listening to is the Original Radio Edit version). Good stuff, good stuff, and here are some more:

1. a hipster way to place your flowers

2. L’eau De Chloé by Karla’s’s such a pretty shot. Reminds me of those ads by marc jacob’s Daisy

3. something edgy..something different

4. having babies does not mean that we should stop dressing ourselves as delicious and youthful ladies..look at this mom!! She’s looking all chic and playful in a pale pink polka dot dress, adorned with a fresh red cardigan. hmmm i sense spring and maybe early summer

Good night world!

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