Collages 20120301

First day of March took me away with its beautiful sweep of snow. As I look outside my window right now, ice has piled on the bottom edge of the panel and specks of snow are sprawling on the glass, much resembling a still picture of falling snow. Even though I wore three layers today-with a thick white down coat as my outside armor, feathers of snow still managed to find their way down my shirt and that icy, ticklish feeling made me feel good to be alive. To celebrate this occasion, I’ll finish this post off with some pictures I found online…as always.

1. Free People March Lookbook-shot in Vietnam. Even the flamboyant flowers seem humble in this shot-I wonder if they toned down the color to fit the feel of Vietnam, a historical and culture-rich Asain country with much left to explore,

2. Green is my fav color.

3. I celebrate bold uses of colors.

4. Red Valentino F/W 12/13. A girly wonderland with innocence and simplicity.

5. My perfect dress

love her clear eyes

7. love thier pants! great prints



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