Collages 20111203

By COLLAGES I mean a collection of images/photos/clips on the Internet that I really like. I save a lot of random images in my computer drive anyways, so I thought why not write them into diaries on my blog, just to keep track of things. c:

The series of digits in each entry is the date the collage is made on.

So here we go! My very first collage:

1. I really like Lady Gaga’s Marry the Night: it has the beats. Here is the link to the Music Video of the song:

I don’t really get the plot, but I like the overall imagery-madness, fire, outbursts, life of an artiest. Most of all, extremes that one can go to for a dream. I also really liked Gaga’s blue lips-wonderful!

2. Alexa Chung

Simplicity is everything. I love her definition of fashion.

3.  I’m seduced! Love the facial expression 🙂

4. Such a hobo:

5. Great Collage-love the black and white feeling-old and tarnished, yet somehow shocking

6. A very simple, elegant wedding dress. I want this on my wedding day :p


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