The Reformation

For Black Friday, I went shopping with my friends Catherine and Christina on Newbury Street  and got some pretty good deals. Banana Republic had 40  percent off every item until 1pm. I bought a denim shirt off the sales rack for 23 bucks (the original price was 60-ish).

Some insane sale must be going on in the Nike store, because there was a huge line outside at nine in the morning!

We also went to h&m. I was disappointed that they didn’t have the h&m x versace collection up yet. I was looking forward to see all the awesome prints in the store. Oh well. Urban Outfitters also put up a huge sale: 50 percent off every sale item! I found two very cute shirts (although I bought one of them off its original price…) and a vintage dress (only 25 bucks after the sale!). I am so in love with the dress! It’s from a collaboration by Urban Outfitters and the Reformation called the Reformation Renewal. Here is the dress:

I like its green color and black lacy shoulders. It fits well on me, too.

The Reformation turns out to be a store located in la and nyc. Their clothes are handcrafted from vintage materials on site and have lots of lace in them 🙂 I just browsed their website ( Lots of details in the clothes (front/back zippers, lace etc), but with ease and wearablitiy. Also, the price is not that outrageous. Most of the items are under 200 bucks. The designers at The Reformation aim at a simper approach to clothing and I say they are doing a terrific job!


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